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SA9000 Series Pro

687 Reviews
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Be protected with our extended warranty. Get an extra 2 year warranty on your ScanAvenger barcode scanner. Things rarely go wrong, however when they do you want to be covered!

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Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
1D+2D Scanning Capabilities
Smart Charging Base
Extended Range
Ultra-Fast Scanning
Scanner Type: 
1D Barcode Scanner
2D / QR Code Scanner

This new ScanAvenger Wireless Barcode Scanner doesn’t require downloads or installation of any software or apps. In other words, no codecs are required with this sleek handheld 3-in-1 scanner. Above all, the wireless, Bluetooth and USB scanner with vibration capabilities will help in noisy environments. Does not work with SQUARE / SHOPIFY / SHOPKEEP.


Enjoy the 3-in-1 functionality – Stand, Charging, Wireless transmission


Connect to Mac or Windows computers, Android or Apple mobile devices, and POS systems to start scanning barcodes in just a matter of seconds.


The long wireless transmission range allows you to use the scanner up to 493 ft in an obstacle-free environment. In environments with medium-density obstacles, the transmission range is approximately 98 ft


Has Vibration, customizable prefix / suffix / special functions like copy, paste, and select all. Hides characters from the back of the barcode, or in the front of the barcode, as many as you want. Unlike the majority of scanners out there, ScanAvenger Barcode Scanners can slow down processing speed, so applications like Google Sheets or older devices have time to process the information sent by the scanner.


We offer premium support for bulk purchases and with unrivaled SLA response.


From a small store to big warehouses, ScanAvenger products are designed to serve all types of businesses. We make reliable barcode scanners, backed up by an amazing warranty with the most unrivaled customer support experience in the industry.


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All you need to know about the SA9000 Series Pro

Based on 687 Reviews
Ryan Dale

Excellent scanner and support team! Still going strong after 2 years of almost non-stop daily use.

I have 6 of the 9011 scanners at work and we use them non stop throughout the day and they have continued to work excellently for the last 2 years. Twice I have needed a feature on my scanner that I did not know how to set up or if it was even possible, and I contacted their support team. They replied instantly both times and were very helpful. The last request I needed was to be able to set my scanner to only output partial info from a QR code that we use daily and my support email was answered within 5 minutes with the barcodes I needed that configured my scanner for me exactly like I was looking for. Amazing service and super affordable scanners.


range great

so when reading other reviews i thought this would not have great range, but in my small shop, it was able to scan at the back door through a thick wall and back to the store room. I plugged into an EPOSNOW till and it just worked! Great product for the price


scans good except

It scans everything good except the 1d bar codes that are longer than 3inches. I constantly=y have to scan bar codes that are 5 to 7 inches long and it has to think for a while even when I try different angles. it happens way more often than my symbol


Stirbt den schleichenden Tod

Habe den Scanner im März 2023 gekauft. War anfänglich Top zufrieden. Hat alle 1-D und 2-D Codes schnell und zuverlässig gelesen. Seit Nov also nach ca. 7 bis 8 Monaten fing es an, das es beim scannen einzelner Codes immer länger dauerte, bis er diese erkannt hat... irgendwann hat er bestimmte (meist kleinere) Codes dann gar nicht mehr erkannt (die der die Monate zuvor blitzschnell erkannt hat)... es tritt nicht bei allen Codes auf... aber es werden so schleichend immer mehr... Ich versuche jetzt mal den Verkäufer zu kontaktieren... mal sehen was dabei rauskommt...


it is nice

But just work for a certain machine not work for all

akshay kumar

Does not scan all the items properly

Very disappointed with the scanning ability

Randy Jessup



Manjot bhangu

Good but uncomfortable

Scanner is really fast and good but uncomfortable to hold as it is not contoured to fit in the hand. Also for sleep there is either instant or 5 mins interval. 1 minute to sleep option would have been much appreciated.

Patrick Fissler

Doesn't work as described

Specifically contacted company to see if it work work for my application. I receive it, it doesn't work. Then am told they can't guarantee that it would work.

William or Carol Hogan

So far, easy to use...have only used once at this point. More later...

We've only used it once, but we were able to plug in the dongle and scan barcode serial numbers into our Quickbooks document immediately without issues. More later as I can't speak to reliability, battery life, etc. yet.


Stop scanning after a while

It has hard tie scanning and over time it just won't scan anything (except QR codes). I have 3 I had one replaced and all except one are going bad. I had replace them with a different brand and those are working flawlessly even with barcode on curved objects.



Love this so much. It works like a charm with my online business.


Pricey and Doesn't scan well.

Needed this scanner for clover integration it was very pricey compared to other options and besides for a nice design it does not scan well.


Good for the price

Like that it’s easy to use/install and cordless. I also like the look of it. Dislike that it will auto-shut to preserve power after a while (so you have to wake it up). Also, it doesn’t read as quickly and well as other scanners I’ve used; it may take a few attempts if the barcode is smaller or a little crinkled. Compatible with Clover POS.

NG2 Sports


llego rapido y bien



Súper… un mundo de diferencia comparado como lo hacía!!!

Nathan Brazell


I purchased this as a school principal to inventory textbooks, catalog various fixed assets, etc. It has been FLAWLESS in its execution and works 1000x better than the scanner that the school provided me to use. The additional ability to read QR codes has also been helpful since we integrated QR codes into our inventory to auto-populate multiple data fields for Student IDs to track attendance in class and events. This is a great tool, and I highly recommend it! The battery life is insane (you'll never need to worry about it going out on you if you charge it on the provided stand), and the range is great (so I'm not carrying a laptop around at the same time around the room). It can store information internally and be downloaded later. I cannot vouch for this device enough. It has been a GODSEND in helping me streamline multiple facets of my responsibilities.


Great Guns - Awful USB Cables

We purchased four of these guns for a retail pack and ship. They scan just about everything right off customers phones, printed barcodes. Super fast input for complex qr codes. However after a few months all four guns have started disconnecting from the PC. Swapping the USB cables fixed the issue.

Jennifer Hardin

Will not scan thermal barcodes as advertised.

I bought this a few years ago. Finally able to afford the barcode printer I needed to put those books in without a barcode. After a few errors that ended up being on my part, this is an amazing scanner that does great, even after me having it sitting in a box unused for 2 years. Definitely recommend.

Yanlan lei

5 starters product! Love it

Great, love it


Painless and quick

I will say that the only adjustment I made to use it was to turn on the "Sense Mode" so that I could "select" the one bar code that I wanted out of a group of them. I think there was just one instance that I couldn't get it to register the code (was at a bad angle under a mounting bar and really couldn't get a better angle). Otherwise, 0 issues and it scanned well over 100 items the first day we used it.

Très bien

livraison à la maison

n'est pas aussi précis que mon autre et on doit peser 2 fois et plus pour qu'il fonctionne. suzanne


Excellent produit

Excellent produit


Really nice product at a very reasonable price.

Really nice product at a very reasonable price. Great customer service. I initially had some set up problem on my end. Tech rep Chris stayed with me until connection with my book Database was resolved. Device is a well made, quality Scanner, looks great and is comfortable to hold. I strongly recommend ScanAvenger as a useful tool.


Perfect scanner for our membership check in

We just received our second scanner. We use it to check in members in our pickleball facility. Works great! Customer service has been excellent. Highly recommend this product.

richard wait

Customer Online Support is AAAmazing.

I had a lot of issues generating barcodes and Chris from online support helped me cut out unnecessary steps and pointed me in the right direction to make this work for our inventory needs. Thank you!

Christiam j gomez

Great purchase

Works with Shopify inventory, I don’t know if it works with Shopify checkout

NasserAli Syed

Great oroduct

As describe. Heat product


Good value

Some things it takes a few tries to get it to scan metallic barcodes on some products.

Yolanda Redondo


de momento funciona estupendamente, es muy ergonómico, lee perfectamente los códigos y además es muy fácil su configuración


Great product and support!

This scanner is simple and effective. It works well. And the support line is more than helpful. I needed to take out the enter function when scanning a barcode, they sent me the qr code, I scanned it, problem solved! Thanks again!


5.0 out of 5 stars Superb product

This is a brilliant product backed by amazing customer service. I highly recommend this scanner!


Good design, good quality

Highly satisfied.

Mathieu Charest-Lambert

Beau et efficace

Facile a installer et a configuré, fonctionne super bien


Amazing product! I’ve been looking for this for so long!

After all further researching with other scanners. This is what I need! No need replacements from older gen scanner brands out there and stop wasting old scanners that doesn’t charge and spend battery replacement. This made my life easier at Dry cleaning work and have peace of mind! Buy it now! Thank you ScanAvenger!


Funzionalità ed eleganza

Funzionale ed elegante rapido e intuitivo, nel complesso comodo, usato in automatico veloce e preciso. Consigliato per uffici o posti non troppo sporchi. Prodotto robusto ed elegante


Facile à installer et utiliser

Scan de code barre très simple à installer et utiliser. Je suis très satisfait je vous le recommande les yeux fermés!

ali j.

The perfect scanner

It's the most versatile scanner I could find, does the job perfectly, can even scan a picture on a phone. Strongly recommend


5.0 out of 5 stars Fatnastic product

Great product does the job well

IT Purchasing

Reliable in a warehouse environment

We've ordered about a dozen of these scanners, and have had excellent results. We are using a Chrome based shipping app on Windows 10, so I can't speak to POS or other systems. Users have had no complaints on scanning everything from Code 128 to I2of5 barcodes in various states of legibility. They have been reliable, and are used within 10-15 feet of the base. No problems reported operating in high temperatures in warehouse environments. Units are usable throughout a shift without losing a charge. We have had four operating within close range with no interference with each other. Not sure about the limitation on the number of units in proximity. Definitely will be ordering more.

Amazon Customer

Not Compatible with Square

Overall seems like a well-made product, but it was not compatible with the Square Register (reason for my purchase). I missed this in the product information before purchasing. 5 Stars for Customer Service understanding my concern and helping me with the item.


Customer service (follow up) is amazing

ive had this scanner since december 21, no issues what so ever and the best part is anytime i have a question, i just write an email to customer service and they're prompt and very helpful. thanks you!

Smart P.

Stopped working after 30 days

I have purchased this item and was very happy to use it for the first month. Very useful with a stand and everything. (Purchased 05/05 and on 06/16 stopped working.) All of a sudden, one day, it just stopped working. It looks like not connected to a computer even though it is the same computer and the same device. I tried to return for a replacement, and they told us that 30 days policy is expired attempted to reach the seller and received the same response from amazon. So, if you buy this, you may expect the item to stop working in the middle of your job. And if you are lucky enough, it will be before 30 days of your purchase that you may be eligible to return. Otherwise, you may end up disappointed as we did.


Calidad y precio

Exelente diseño elegante el material se ve de buena calidad y puede leer mis códigos de barras muy fácil sin ningún problema, además es inalámbrico lo cual hace que pueda yo llevar el ScanAvenger a donde yo quiera dentro de mi negocio sin perder señal de cobertura


Worth it!

The scanner is excellent at a decent price point. Works right out of the box as stated. I appreciated, even more, the excellent customer support behind it. John is the rep I was in contact with via email and he was extremely helpful with prompt responses. Definitely recommend buying!

Diego R.

Buon prodotto

Utilizzato con tablet Android funziona molto bene. Buona possibilità di personalizzazione. Legge molti codici e si utilizza semplicemente


5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use, great functionality

Used to manage stock in a warehouse. Great product that anyone can easily setup and use

Juanpa Losa

Bueno, bonito y barato.

Un escaner con un diseño precioso para zona comercial. Muy rápido y cómodo. Escanea de cine. Especial memción a la inmejorable atención post venta. Me ayudaron con la configuración especial para mis necesidades concretas. Un acierto


Very friendly and comfortable in using

I like it, very good. I am recommending to buy for everyone, who is going to use a scanner. Supper


Simple to setup. Works on nearly all barcodes

I found the unit simple to setup. Works on nearly all barcodes. I like how fast the pairing goes. Many features for the price.


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