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SA8800 Series Pro

501 Reviews
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Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
1D+2D Scanning Capabilities
Ultra-Fast Scanning
Custom Configurations
Optimized Battery
Our products are certified CE, FCC, RoHS
Scanner Type: 
1D Barcode Scanner
2D / QR Code Scanner

This new ScanAvenger Wireless Barcode Scanner doesn’t require downloads or installation of any software or apps. In other words, no codecs are required with this sleek handheld 3-in-1 scanner. Above all, the wireless, Bluetooth and USB scanner with vibration capabilities will help in noisy environments. Does not work with SQUARE / SHOPIFY / SHOPKEEP.


Connect to Mac or Windows computers, Android or Apple mobile devices, and POS systems to start scanning barcodes in just a matter of seconds.


The long wireless transmission range allows you to use the scanner up to 493 ft in an obstacle-free environment. In environments with medium-density obstacles, the transmission range is approximately 98 ft


Has Vibration, customizable prefix / suffix / special functions like copy, paste, and select all. Hides characters from the back of the barcode, or in the front of the barcode, as many as you want. Unlike the majority of scanners out there, ScanAvenger Barcode Scanners can slow down processing speed, so applications like Google Sheets or older devices have time to process the information sent by the scanner.


We offer premium support for bulk purchases and with unrivaled SLA response.


From a small store to big warehouses, ScanAvenger products are designed to serve all types of businesses. We make reliable barcode scanners, backed up by an amazing warranty with the most unrivaled customer support experience in the industry.


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All you need to know about the SA8800 Series Pro

Based on 501 Reviews
A Cap

Excellent Reader & easy to use

Very durable


5.0 out of 5 stars Good


Defined Fitness

Great scanner

Employees love it.

Lori Olson

Vibrates when it scans.

Love these scanners. I own a small buisness with multiple front registers. It can get loud in my front lobby. These vibrate when it scans, so you know it has scanned the qr code or barcode and your not totally relying on sound. These are great!!

Matt & Aliceson

The perfect scanner

This is the best scanner I’ve ever had! I’ve owned it for a couple years and it still works great. I’ve dropped it multiple times and it keeps on ticking. Depending on how much you use it, it will hold its charge for almost a week. It scans those hard to read barcodes that my other scan can’t read. Love it!


Loving it

Using it for DL reading. Was easy to setup. No drivers needed. Even reads shipping labels. Makes it easy to use. Could not ask for more.


I recommend for all my clients

I work in cc processing; I tell all my clients to get this to use with the POS systems we send them, mostly Clover and Pax. My techs use it at the office, I have probably had a few hundred clients buy this on my recommendation and they all love it. I get nothing from this company, I just send the link and my clients and buy it and use. I could sell my clients more expensive options from Clover etc.. but my techs use this, it's cheaper and everyone thanks me for saving them money.

Brian Plascencia

Versatile, Reliable, easy to USE

As a employee with the worlds largest supply chain company, I am constantly traveling to help our distribution sites and 3PL sites with new warehouse openings, special projects, and physical inventories. The scan avenger is a invaluable tool. It is light and easy to use. Its ability to scan different types or barcodes and 3D barcodes is a key as many of our customers use different barcode formats. Its wireless capability gives me the flexibility to scan from a forklift and ladder quite a good distance from the laptop I use. I recently had a battery issue with the scanner after a few years of having this scanner. The customer service at Scan Avenger were excellent. They resolved my issue immediately! Very Happy with this product!!

Vinson Ton

Came without dongle

Not much to say, it did scan while plugged in, and for all I kmow the Bluetooth worked fine, but that's not what I bought it for. Also it scans kind if slow.


Great for my business

These are essential in my business. They have streamlined the intake process



The quality are very very inferior I won’t suggest any of them. I have 6-7 all damaged in a month or so

NasserAli Syed

Works great

Good product


Fantastic Support

We have 5 of these hand scanners and use them at the POS, and our shipping stations, so they are a big part of our business. When we changed to a new shipping software the scanners just quit reading the codes. Couldn’t see anything right off so we contacted Tech Support about it… I figured I would hear from them the next day. Surprise, surprise! About 15 minutes later get an email asking for more information. We provided it and they asked another question and pointed out where we could test the scanner online ( Turns out it wasn’t the scanner, but instead the software making the labels was incorrectly setup. Easy fix! Sure, want to thank those guys for getting us back in business in only about 30 minutes!


5.0 out of 5 stars It work Brilliantly!

It work Brilliantly!



The product is nicely built and can connect a number of ways. Scans fast and accurately, but best of all is the support. They are quick to respond and actually care about you and their business.

Max Tomassian

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding quality product, well designed and made. Arrived as predicted.

Outstanding quality product, well designed and made. Arrived as predicted.


Great responsive service

Scanner works great and has many features that will require downloading the full manual. I had a technical question and they replied within hours with the solutions I was looking for. Great service!

Matthew Byrnes

Great Range and Perfect Scans

I've used this scanner to record MAC addresses and serial numbers on several projects now. I'm always impressed by its range and battery life. The unsung hero here is the accuracy. I can't recall ever needing to rescan an item that didn't have a severely damaged bar-code.

John, Monbulk

5.0 out of 5 stars reasonable priced quality Barcode reader

The product is good, well designed, works well and includes internal battery. I have done request for more information and service is superb. I recommend this product. John Monbulk

Garry Allen

Amazing Tech Support!

I had a problem with a couple of units that had poor fitting USB cables. I reported them just to let the company know their might be a problem. They reported back that they had never seen this problem before and requested more info. All of their communications were very prompt and courteous and the matter was very satisfactorily handled by ScanAvenger . All units now work great! I will definitely be buying from them again!



I am very satisfied of this scanner. I've tested other scanner till now but this is definetly the best. perfec is the after sales too. The unit was not able to scan a special caracter in a application. We wrote to the afer sales, then in 24 hurs we received a qr code to scan so we solved the problem! I suggest to buy this item, nothing to complain. Definetly!


Fast Scanner

So far, this has been an excellent scanner for 2D barcode use. Instantly recognizes 1” size QR codes from 8” away, even when the physical codes are printed adjacent to each other. Unit comes with the internal battery, a USB dongle, a USB cable for charging / wired data transfer, credit-card sized QR codes to turn sound off or on; vibration off or on; and slow down the read speed for Bluetooth connections. Also has a quick-reference sheet with links to the full manual, as well as more QR codes to program internal features on the wand. One nice feature is the ability to store scanned data if You’re forced to work out of range from the dongle. Scanning head contains two light sources - a white LED for 2D codes, and a red LED for bar type codes. Both come on as the trigger is pulled. Impressed with the unit so far - will update review as I use it on my printed inventory tags.

Thomas DePalo

ScanAvenger Great product

Very easy to use, very durable. Tech support was helpful. I was writing a custom application and encounted and issue that I thought was a scanner issue. I contacted tech support and they help me discover that the problem was in my code and with the scanner at all. I am installing my application in 9 locations and bought 9 more scanners for this purpose.


Easy to use and program. Very efficient and accurate.

Easy to use and program. Very efficient and accurate. It is worth every penny. They provide these easy to read cards that you use to program this device and makes it a pleasure to use.

Amazonia Customer

Only average performance, despite the high price

Here are my highlights for this product: ✔ Compatible with many formats and devices ✔ Works with USB, wireless, or Bluetooth ✔ No proprietary codecs required ✔ Good transmission range (Max 493ft) ✔ Vibration function for noisy workplaces ✖ Not compatible with Shopify, Square, or Shopkeep ✖ Sometimes has a problem with reflective packaging ✖ Wireless can drop out, as can Bluetooth ✖ No stand is included ✖ Standard beep is very loud, thankfully vibration works fine I wanted to like this but it has too many small problems to justify the high price of over £50. The ergonomics are fine, however having no stand hurts it. It took a long time to figure out connections to my phone(s) and tablet, although in the end it all worked okay. One common problem was losing wireless/BT signal, this would happen every week or so and would require power-cycling the device. This is a serious pain when you are in the middle of work. I would NOT use this in a commercial environment where time and deadlines are vital, it is not reliable enough. For a home business or small shop then it is not a huge deal, and can be worked around. For the price, these problems all add up to make it not a sensible purchase. For £30, maybe. But for £50+ there are better scanners out there.


Reliable and fast.

Pretty happy with this scanner. It's very good for a scanner at this price.

Like a Phoenix

for CRM use, ideal

Recently i have been working from home processing customer returns for a mate who buys pallets of customer returns from Amazon, this barcode scanner has come in very useful to help keep the vast amount of stock under control, he recently introduced a CRM system. Using this scanner allows me to quickly allocate the items into the CRM system in the warehouse. The battery life is very good, i can go a couple of week without needing a recharge, and i really like the vibration system because i often have earbuds in while working so i cant always hear the bleep

Rosendo Romera Marin

su diseño y funcionamiento

Tras dos dias de uso lo veo muy interesante, su diseño, su calidad y su forma de leer los codigos tanto en papel como en pantalla de movil. Es muy buen lector, a ver si la empresa hace algun soporte o base para poderlo dejar cuando no se trabaja con el. Para mí os lo recomiendo, espero que siga asi durante años funcionando igual que el primer dia

Sam Dermody

5.0 out of 5 stars So much value

My new favourite equipment for ICT asset management. Works well with my iPhone and my laptop and the screen scanning is perfect. I honestly cannot express how happy I am with this scanner at this price point. Recommending to all my fellow sysadmins just the add to their service bags.

Mark Mathews

On time shipping, brand new

This is the exact product I was looking for. A little more expensive than other models, but this unit is very reliable and easy to use.


Ebay listings Tool!

Purchased to use for listing items on my ebay store account. This removes the need to manually enter the number. Works well for CD's, DVD's and other items with barcodes. Also helps in searching for pricing all over the internet from many retailers. Saves a lot of time and removes errors in mistyped numbers. Highly recommend for home resellers!!

🔴 Review Guru 🔴

Performed Very Well & Easy to Use


Great bar cod reader

Does what it says. Use it to create and inventory list on excel. I only wish they would create a slot to store the usb dongle.


Reliable, accurate wireless barcode scanner.

If you have a large collection of CDs, DVDs or books, and want to load an inventory by scanning barcodes, then this smart 3-in-1 barcode scanner from ScanAvenger is ideal for the job. It arrived well-packed in a white box with all the accessories mentioned. You’ll receive the scanner, USB cable, 2.4Ghz wireless dongle, and user manual, together with 2 plastic cards with sample QR codes to set up the device. The build quality is excellent, the ergonomic design feels comfortable in the hand. It’s powered by a 2200mAh Lithium battery which can last for approximately 3 months and can store up to 200,000 product codes, which are transferred via either Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz dongle, or USB cable to your PC, or other mobile devices. It has scanned everything I have tested on 1D barcodes accurately and fast. It can also scan other types of product barcodes like ean, upc, code 39, 128, also 2D barcodes including QR, Aztec code, Micro PDF etc. There are options for manual scanning, continuous or auto sense. Very easy to use, simply a plug and play. There’s beeping or vibration for scanning confirmation. Overall, a good reliable handheld barcode scanner that works as intended and for £55.92 (at the time of writing), seems like a good value for money. Thank you for reading.

Michigan Buyer

Easy to deal with - good support!

We were having an issue with reading our 2D barcodes with this scanner, I contacted the company for support. Within a few hours they returned my email with suggestions. It ended up that we needed a new updated Engine/Software internal to the scanner. They sent us a brand new scanner that had an updated Engine/Software and we are now off and running reading our 2D Barcodes. This company has a great support team. Great Price and Great Support!


dongle is not working but customer team helped me and sent 2 new dongles

4 month of use and my dongle is not working. but this product have a GREATEST support team! i mailed them,and they send me 2 dongles for replacement. very kind and very fast support from them. Its really good product with good support. Thanks. will buy again!

gogo cat

fast and accurate scan


5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend

I purchased three of these to scan entry tickets to our expos. They worked seamlessly with different types of laptops and were very quick to scan QR codes. Very reasonably priced and good quality. Would highly recommend this product.


Very impressive code reading capabilities

Set up is easy, it is pretty much plug in the dongle and go. If by chance the dongle isn’t synchronised, then you simply scan a barcode (supplied) and then plug in the dongle. You don’t need the dongle, you can just link up to the computer (or mobile phone) on an existing Bluetooth connection. To do this you scan another barcode to put the scanner into pairing mode and allow the connection on the PC or mobile. The scan pick up is quick and appears onscreen instantly. If you are out of Bluetooth range, the scanner can be set to store everything you scan (according to the documentation it can store over 200,000 codes). The scanner is customisable by scanning codes that are supplied (vibration on/off, volume of beep etc). You can email the supplier for a manual of codes where you can add prefixes or suffixes to the bar codes when printed onscreen. It is easy enough to customise if you follow the instructions. 99.9% of the barcodes I need to scan in my business are simple UPC bar codes, but this will handle many more. I put it through its paces by scanning some really small square codes and it was reading them. I cross checked the code with what was printed on the label and they were always right. So far I haven’t had a mis-read, but I accept that it can happen. The only codes I couldn’t read were very small white bars printed onto black plastic. I am not saying it won’t read that type of code as I could only find one example and it was very small. The other code I couldn’t read was a highly reflective silvered square code. Again, this could be the tiny code or that it is an incompatible code. Battery life is impressive and we only charge these up on a Sunday night for the week ahead. We are using 2 of these (different models) and both are lasting the week with several hundred codes read each week.

Jasmine Tea

Excellent reliable barcode and QR code scanner

Jamie Mather



Technical issues

It didn’t work wirelessly we had to keep it plugged in to the PC to make it work!

Carl Perry

Fast, broad code compatibility, excellent battery life

Using this scanner for various inventory and tracking using UPC, Data matrix, QR, and Code39 without any issues. The charge lasts for hours, and recharges quickly. The wireless range is more than adequate for my needs. Customizing output is very simple with the included programming codes. This rivals scanners I've used in the past that are many times more expensive, highly recommend.

Plaig Bearings

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Product, even better support

Product works perfectly, had an issue with setup and received assistance immediately, couldn't be happier!

G. Juliano

Simple and powerful

Bought this for a Point of Sale scanner. Plugged in the dongle and it worked with my software without any configuration. I just love simple!


Very happy with this product

Excellent product and even better customer service. Just bought my 2nd scanner


4.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the best customer service I've experienced

Bought this to scan a specific barcode within the 2d range. Had repeat issues getting it working, every time I contacted customer support they got back to me immediately and honestly for the frustration I had (which was minimal) the support was incredible. Very thoughtful, comprehensive and just a level above what I experience in my day to day. Scnaner working as I need it now and just thrilled at the results. Thank you Dan for making the experience a really positive one!

Jonathan Gentry

Wireless is the way to go!

Wireless is the way to go! Never going back to a wired scanner ever again. It is just as quick if not quicker than our wired scanner (which mind you is also new). The drawback is that I tend to drop it a lot more than our wired scanner since I carry it around with me, however, so far it has resisted all of the accidental drops and still works perfect.

Travis Brandon

Quick setup. Reads codes fast.

Works with our POS and tablet. It was quick to connect. Automatically did it without me needing to do anything. Works significantly faster than my old scanner and can read the QR codes and driver license codes which is great.

Bernard Meloche

Very Very Good !

Excellent in performance and speed.


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