SA3600 Series Pro Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 1D with Smart Charging Base – Vibration, Ultra Fast

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Scanner Type
1D Barcode Scanner

USD $53.95

USD $53.95

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Be protected with our extended warranty. Get an extra 2 year warranty on your ScanAvenger barcode scanner. Things rarely go wrong, however when they do you want to be covered!

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★FASTER: We don’t just say it. We mean it! SA3600 Series Pro is our fastest and most versatile 1D scanner. From unboxing to fully connected in 8 seconds.

★SMART CHARGING BASE: Enjoy the 3-in-1 functionality – Stand, Charging, Wireless transmission.

★TIME SAVING FUNCTIONS: Has Vibration, customizable prefix / suffix / special functions like copy, paste, select all. Hide characters from the back of the barcode or in front of the barcode as many as you want. Unlike the majority of scanners out there, ScanAvenger barcode scanners can slow down processing speeds so applications like Google sheets or older devices have time to process information sent by scanner.

★MULTIPLE READING MODES: Has Manual (scans when you press the button), Auto-Sense (scans when it detects movement) and continuous mode (continuously scans without having button pressed).

★Not Compatible with SQUARE / SHOPIFY / SHOPKEEP.

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