SASI10 Series Pro Slim Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner 1D+2D – Ultra Portable, Vibration, Read Screen


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★LIGHTNING CONNECTION: Connect it with your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, POS in only a few seconds

★FAST & PORTABLE: We realized that some of our customers are walking around in shops or warehouses all day carrying, labeling or working on other things that require using two hands. So we came up with the SASI10 Series scanners which fit in your pocket and read as fast as a normal sized scanner.

★BUILT TO ENDURE: Premium finish with stronger shock-resistant protective case

★MULTIPLE READING MODES: Has Manual (scans when you press the button) , Auto-Sense (scans when it detects movement) and continuous mode (continuously scans without having button pressed)

All our products are genuine ScanAvenger products and are covered by 1 year manufacturers warranty as well as a 30 day money back guarantee.

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