SA1000 Series Slim Wireless Bluetooth Smart Barcode Scanner 1D – Ultra Portable, Optimized Battery, Extended Range

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Scanner Type
1D Barcode Scanner

USD $37.93

USD $37.93

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Be protected with our extended warranty. Get an extra 2 year warranty on your ScanAvenger barcode scanner. Things rarely go wrong, however when they do you want to be covered!

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★NO SOFTWARE NEEDED: This new ScanAvenger Wireless Scanner doesn’t require to download or install any software or apps. No codecs required with this sleek handheld 3-in-1 wireless, bluetooth, and USB scanner with vibration capabilities to help in noisy environments.

★SMARTER: Able to read 99.99% of 1D barcodes out there on screen and paper including rare custom barcodes

★MORE VERSATILE: Has Vibration, customizable prefix / suffix / special functions like copy, paste, select all. Hide characters from the back of the barcode or in front of the barcode as many as you want – All so that you can be more efficient!

★FAST & PORTABLE: We realized that some of our customers are walking around in shops or warehouses all day carrying, labeling or working on other things that require using two hands. So we came up with the SASI10 Series scanners which fit in your pocket and read as fast as a normal sized scanner.

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