How To Use Videos

All our scanners are built with the purpose of making life easier. They are meant to help you achieve your tasks faster and optimize your workflow and time as much as possible. That is why we work extra hard to make sure they are easy to use and a simple plug and play.

That being said what may be easy for some might not be as easy and straight forward for others. So we came up with a range of quick videos showing things as easy as how to connect the scanners and as complicated as custom configuring scanners so you get the most out of them.

How to connect ScanAvenger SA8800 Series Pro barcode scanner to PC/phone via wireless/ USB cable/ Bluetooth Link

ScanAvenger AS8900 Series - How to Pair with Cable / Wireless Dongle and Bluetooth

Full Factory Reset - ScanAvenger SA8959 Series (and lower) + SA8878 Series Pro (and lower)

How to use Copy / Paste / Select All / Make Bold Functions on any ScanAvenger barcode scanner

How to fix TAB function and incorrect readings on slow devices / slow apps like Google Sheets

How to change between Manual Trigger / Continuous Mode / Sense Mode on ScanAvenger barcode scanners

How to use Storage Mode + Sync Mode and turn on/off sound and vibration functions

How to pair ScanAvenger barcode scanner with USB wireless dongle in case of disconnection
1. Unplug Dongle 2. Scan barcodes 3. Plug Dongle

How to add TAB / ENTER or remove all sufixes on any ScanAvenger barcode scanner

How to connect scanner to mobile phone via Bluetooth and disable sound

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